Subscription Sales and Changing Consumer Reading Habits


It’s clear that consumer reading habits have changed more over the past five years than over the past two hundred.  Before tablets, mobile and laptops, many people started their day by diving into local and national news in print edition, then relaxed over the weekend with a favorite weekly or monthly.  Today, people can access […]

Does Your Big Data Produce Big Insights?

marketing insight

Thanks to tools like NewsWhip and Chartbeat, it’s clear that marketers have access to tremendous amounts of information about customer behavior and preferences.  Instead of marveling over the vast array of information available, the next step should be formulating key insights that drive the business in at least one of three ways: increasing engagement, maximizing […]

Three Phases of Marketing: Strategy, Planning and Evaluating Results

Marketing excellence means delivering highly effective campaigns with predictable results that improve over time.   A well thought out  marketing strategy can build a customer base at a faster rate,  get out of plateaus and discover new audiences.  For start-ups looking for funding, a clearly defined marketing strategy gives investors insight into how customer base […]

Advocating Pro Bono


There has been a great deal of debate about the legality of working for free, either as an unpaid intern, freelancer or early start-up employee.  Many great minds have considered the role of freemium in the marketplace and whether or not this is a great idea professionally. This post is not about working for free […]

Identifying Metrics that Signal Quality Growth for Media Companies

big data conversion rates

As people shift from print and TV towards digital and mobile, media companies must assess and evaluate the content’s relevance to audiences.  The beauty of this shift is that people can access unlimited content across a wide variety of devices and at varying levels of engagement.  The level of engagement ranges from viewing a two […]